“Ruby and I both loved attending your classes.  She got so excited when BeeBo the signing Bear would sign and we’d all sing along with the music!  Her enthusiasm for signing continued in the home as she laughed and signed along with all the characters in the take-home DVD’s.  Thanks to Tiny Talking Hands, she’s now signing close to a dozen signs on her own including “milk”, “drink”, “eat”, “shoe”, “flower” and her favourite: “hat”!  There’s many more signs that she’ll do as they come up in conversation… and it’s amazing to discover that she’s actually understanding what I’m talking about at barely 1 year old!  We can’t wait for the opportunity to attend additional classes and look forward to learning even more signs!”
~Crystal from Surrey, BC

“Yay, Nash did the sign for ‘all done’ today after his breakfast.  He can kind of say it too at the same time.  I was so happy.  I can definitely see how beneficial your class will be for Nash.  Thank you for teaching it!”
~Tricia from Surrey

“You will not find a more dedicated teacher than Amanda.  Her upbeat personality will make the class fun!”
~Dee from Langley

“It is such a wonderful way to communicate with your children before they are able to speak.  To see Kaelan signing was such a joy!”
~Anne Marie from St. John’s, Newfoundland

“Amanda’s knowledge of baby sign language along with her loving energy will help you connect at a whole new level with your little one!”
~Sonia from Coquitlam

“I was intrigued about teaching baby sign language to my child and decided I would just teach him the word for ‘milk’.  I thought this was the only really important sign we needed.  He mastered this sign at 7 months.  I then attend a seminar on the topic and was amazed to see a toddler signing the word for ‘hot’ during one of its night waking’s.  The mother touched her child’s forehead and found the baby to be very warm; in fact the baby had a fever.  The fact that the baby was able to communicate its feelings and for the mother to discover her baby had a fever I found the most compelling reason to learn a few more essential signs.  Any ways to minimize frustration with our new baby was all I needed to sign up for classes.  It’s hard enough when your baby doesn’t speak but with signs you are that many more steps ahead.  Our journey with baby signs has shown us so many glimpses into our baby’s world – he loves bees, ants, airplanes and ceiling fans!  It is fascinating and a joy to see that a 13 month old can express 40 words using his hands!  We have found this to be a very valuable experience and we can see that our toddler’s self-esteem soars when he can be part of a conversation.  The audio CD’s have helped us on long car journeys and my son still refers to the class books even though he has mastered their contents.  It has been the best educational experience we could share with our little boy and I can’t recommend the Baby Signs® program enough!”
~Lisa from Langley

“My brother’s friend is a teacher, taught sign language to her 1 year old.  He signed before he was walking.  Kid after years now is well above the others in every way!!”
Dave from Burnaby